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Through thick or thin: Which condom thickness is best?

The best condom is the one that feels right and fits best for you. If you do not get the feeling you want from condoms you currently use, you might want to consider changing the thickness. The thinner the condom, the more enhanced your sensitivity.

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So, let’s take a look at the different condom thicknesses that are available.

Thin condoms

Experience a closer feeling without compromising on safety with thin condoms. Designed to enhance your pleasure with a skin-on-skin feeling, the minimal thickness allows for greater intimacy during sex. Studies have shown that standard, natural or thin condoms are no more likely to break than thicker ones (including during anal sex).

Try ‘extra-thin’ or ‘ultra-thin’ condoms for more feeling.

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Regular condoms

Designed to offer the best fit for standard-sized penis-owners, our regular condoms are available from a variety of trusted brands. They are snug enough for complete safety and sensation, without causing any uncomfortable constriction.

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Thick condoms

Ensure peace of mind during sex with thick condoms. Offering an increase in thickness and more lubrication, these types of condoms are often used for anal sex, and by men with more endurance to ensure constant protection during longer sex sessions.

They can also be used by men who experience premature ejaculation. The thicker latex helps to reduce penis sensitivity, meaning that you can enjoy sex for longer. We stock other condoms that can help men tackle this issue as well, such as our delay condoms.

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Buying condoms from Anteros

Still not sure which condoms to choose? On our site, you will find a lot of high-quality condoms in a range of sizes, thickness and specialties to suit your specific needs.

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