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Buy more, pay less

At Anteros, you benefit from a discount when you buy several identical products. Multiply your pleasure without blowing your budget.

Why do we offer a discount?

Certainly, as a trader, we want to sell as much as possible. And you as a consumer want the best price. By spreading the fixed costs over several products, we can give you a fair discount. Everybody wins!

Each order is prepared in our warehouse by a team that ensures that your order is ready as soon as possible. When you order a pack of condoms, for example, an order picker walks through the warehouse to pick up that product. For us, each such action has a cost.

If you order two or more packs of the same product, the labor remains the same, because our employee only has to pass the same place once. Then, the parcels are packed in a box and shipped. For us, the fixed cost of a box is always the same, whether it contains one or two packs of condoms.

So, you see where we're coming from: we let you benefit from the additional profits we make by selling several articles. We sell more, you pay less!

Stock up and reduce your carbon footprint

By buying several products at the same time, you also avoid having to place orders too often. Fewer small orders mean fewer boxes and fewer trips needed by the delivery person and therefore less impact on the environment! Are you concerned about your ecological footprint? Then read more about our sustainable online store.

How to take advantage of the discount?

Each product displays a "Buy more, pay less" link next to the price. Discounts are displayed next to each product, so you can see how much you're saving if you buy more than one item at a time. The reduction is automatically applied to your basket.