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Size Matters: Understanding the Different Condom Sizes

When we talk about the size of condoms, we're talking about the width. The length is less important as it will be adjusted to the width in any case. The wider the condoms, the longer they are. We can differentiate different condom sizes depending on their width. Read all about them below.

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Size matters!

Size definitely does matter, but only insofar as getting the best fitting condoms is concerned.

Penis-owners come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do condoms. If you're bigger than average and find that regular-sized condoms don't provide the comfort and fit you need, extra-large condoms are the perfect option for you.

If you find that regular-sized condoms feel loose or uncomfortable during sex, discover the perfect fit with small condoms.

Knowing your condom size and buying the correct condoms to suit your needs can enhance your pleasure during sex, by ensuring great security, safety and skin-tingling sensations.

Which condom size do you need?

Depending on your personal preference and what feels comfortable to you, you will find the condoms that suit you at Anteros.

It is the width that allows a condom to be used correctly and comfortably. If a condom is too tight, it will pinch – a very unpleasant experience, take our word for it. If a condom is too wide, it can slide off the penis, resulting in no protection for you or your partner. It is therefore always best to use a condom of the correct size.

Condoms generally come in three sizes: small, medium (regular), and large:

  • Small condoms are narrower than standard condoms. They usually measure up to 1.8 inches in width and up to 6.5 inches in length.
  • Medium condoms are an average size and are suitable for most men. They usually measure up to 2 inches in width and up to 8 inches in length.
  • Large condoms are wider than standard condoms. They usually measure greater than 2 inches in width and up to 8 inches in length.
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How to Pick the Right Condom Size?

The size of condoms is expressed in nominal width. This is the width of the condom when fully unrolled, laid flat on a table, and measuring the width at the base, namely at the ring that securely holds the condom around your penis. Some condoms are "anatomically" shaped, making them wider at the head. These condoms provide more comfort when putting them on and during intercourse. But always take the size at the base (at the opening).

To find out which condom you need, take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your penis in full erection. Do this where your penis is widest, namely close to your lower abdomen. Now that you know the circumference of your penis, you can see in the table below which condom size corresponds. This is, of course, a recommendation and not an exact science. If in doubt, you can also test 2 sizes and then always use the size you find most comfortable.

Circumference of Penis in mm Recommended Condom Size















It's important to know that there is no standard for different condom sizes. Manufacturers can freely decide whether their condoms are called large, extra-large, etc. What is considered large for one brand may not be so large for another. For example, the large condoms from the Ceylor brand are called Ceylor Large and are 55 mm wide, while those from EXS are called Magnum Large and are 60 mm wide. That's a big difference for condoms that both go by the name Large! That's why we always mention the correct size for all condoms.

Want to Know More?

In addition to size, the thickness of condoms is also important. The thinner they are, the more sensation you'll experience during intercourse. Do you already know which brands to choose? Read all about which condoms are the best.

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