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Your Erotic Drugstore

Online sex shop? Love shop? Adult store? We prefer the term erotic drugstore. Here you will find everything that is usually offered in sex shops in the category "pharmacy" or "wellness".

A different sex shop

For us, sex is important. And our intuition tells us that you agree with us. This is why we encourage you to choose your intimate products carefully and to find out about the composition of those you use on your intimate areas. At Anteros, access to the correct information is essential: no meaningless slogans, just clear characteristics and descriptions, for pleasure in color, without gray areas.

The best and nothing else

We choose all our products with the greatest care. If certain brands, even well-known ones, are not part of our range, it is because we select our items based on their quality and not their reputation.

Have you ever bought a lubricant from a well-known brand and been disappointed by its excessively sticky texture? That is what we wish to avoid. You will only find the crème de la crème on our website.

The right information in the right place

Before integrating a new product into our assortment, we study it carefully in order to satisfy you as well as possible. For example, we clarify the difference between a lubricant and a clitoral gel. Therefore, these products are in separate categories on our online store. And the same goes for relaxing anal lube and anal relaxant: these products are different and should therefore belong to a separate category.

We are committed to providing you with correct information and descriptions that are as accurate as possible. In addition, we give you a large number of interesting specifications. This way, you can easily compare products before buying them.

What's in your product?

For your safety and the sake of transparency, we also provide you with a list of ingredients that make up each of our items. They are listed as they appear on the packaging according to the INCI nomenclature. This makes it easy to know what's in the product and if you're allergic.

The European Union has compiled a database where you can search for each ingredient's information. This database, called CosIng - Glossary of ingredients, provides all information in English. There are also other websites where you can find free information on ingredients in cosmetics. You will find them using the INCI search term.

The expiry date is not a secret

We are not fans of secrecy here: if a product has an expiry date, we display it clearly on the details page. With the expiry date and ingredient list, you can examine each product as if you were in a store reading the label on the package. In fact, it's even more convenient here because the text isn't printed in small type. No need to get out your reading glasses or magnifying glass. And the icing on the cake is that products near expiry are on sale. Take advantage of our Last Minute Deals! It is also possible to filter products by these.

Advice and inspiration

In our modern world, we sometimes feel lost in the multitude of information that surrounds us. Our Advice and Inspiration section is here to acquaint you with the world of sex products. You have been using the same condoms for years, but you are not entirely satisfied with the sensations they provide? Do you use a lubricant without knowing its composition or characteristics? Make your intimate moment's unforgettable experiences with our articles and our FAQ. Is there still a mystery that our website has not been able to solve? Contact us! We will be happy to help you.

How to Compare Products

There are 2 ways to compare products:

1. Similar items: At the bottom of each product's detail page, we suggest alternatives to the selected product. These alternatives are offered because they have similar characteristics to the product you are trying to find. But maybe they will suit you better, who knows? Find out their features and prices and compare.

2. Add to compare: You can also manually choose which products you want to compare by checking the "Add to Compare" option, which can be found on each product's detail page below the photo. When you have chosen two or more products, click on the purple button at the bottom left. And there you go, the products you have chosen now appear next to each other with their prices and characteristics.

Compare everything you want and choose the products that suit you best. Because the pleasure also goes through a product adapted to your desires and your body.

Competitive Pricing and Quantity Discounts

We are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible. However, our strong point is the reduction based on quantity: the greater the quantity of a product purchased, the cheaper it will be per piece. Discover all the details in the article Buy more, pay less.

Are you still hesitating?

Who better to convince you than our customers? Check out their reviews on the Trusted Shops website. Most of our customers are very satisfied with the fast delivery and good customer service. Unfortunately, most customers don’t write reviews. If you could post one, we would be eternally grateful!