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Last Minute Deals

As a product gets closer to its expiry date, we will lower the price of that product by 30%. That makes our competitive prices even cheaper.

You may not have noticed it yet, but we display the expiration date on our product detail pages. If it has an expiration date, that is. This is the case for condoms and lubes, but also for other products. The best before date indicates that the product maintains all its quality characteristics up to that date. Afterwards, you can still use the product, but in the case of a lubricant, for example, the colour or consistency may vary slightly. Of course, you should not use it any longer if the expiry date has passed for years, but a couple of weeks or months doesn’t hurt.

You can recognise the products with an additional discount through the red label "Last Minute Deal". The 30% discount will be calculated the moment you add the item to the basket.


Circular red label with the words 'Last Minute Deals' in white