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Can you buy with your eyes closed on Anteros? Form your own opinion by consulting the verified reviews of previous buyers, carefully collected by Trusted Shops. For us, it’s an additional cost but is really worth it because it’s a guarantee of confidence for our customers.

Reviews from real customers

Only individuals who have ordered on Anteros can leave a review. This is called a closed system. Unlike open systems such as Google Reviews or Trustpilot which allow anyone to leave a review, a closed system ensures that all reviews are given by people who have really placed an order. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee on the actual content of the review, but at least it was written by a real customer.

Trusted Shops collects 2 types of reviews:

Reviews on the webshop

This is where you will find reviews concerning the use and visuals of our online store, delivery and customer service.

Share your experience with us so that we can improve if necessary and help other visitors know what to expect. The most recent reviews are posted on our home page. Click on the Trusted Shops logo in the footer to be taken to their website and read all the reviews!

And since our website is available in 3 languages, we have 3 different profiles at Trusted Shops. Depending on the language in which they were written, different reviews appear on different profiles. If a review was written in English, it will only appear on the English page.

See reviews in English.

If you are a polyglot or want to learn a new language, take a look at our other profiles, it will give you practice and you will get even more reviews to convince you to order from us.

See reviews in French.

See reviews in Dutch.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are also securely collected by Trusted Shops, which means we can't write them ourselves. It is only possible to rate a product if you have ordered it. Your review will then be displayed directly on the product page.

Thanks to your reviews, we will be able to improve our services and adapt our range of products. Rather interesting, isn't it? In addition, it may help to convince other people to order a particular product from us, and we thank you for that!

The choice of anonymity

You can post your review anonymously or display your name. It's up to you! However, we prefer to point out that at we will still see the e-mail address of the person who posted the review, even if the review was published anonymously. But don't worry, we'll take your secrets to the grave.

Our greatest desire is to satisfy yours

Has there been a delivery problem or you are not completely satisfied with the product you ordered? Letus know rather than leaving a negative opinion directly. We always try to find a solution, because we want your satisfaction. However, if you are not convinced, you can always leave your opinion.

And now that you know everything, grab a pen! Write us a nice shop or product review. We look forward to hearing from you.